I am looking for old accounting books. if you have some, used or not, I am interested in it!


16º rendez-vous du carnet de voyage

last week end, I went to the "rendez-vous du carnet de voyage" in clermont-ferrand (france) the annual meeting for travelbook lovers. I was invited there to sketch the sketchers.
There were no better place, surrounded by so many friends, to spend this sad days. sketching and laughing together, we nearly forgot about what just happened until the fair get closed for some security reasons.
thanks to all the volunteers, and artists who worked in spite of sadness and incomprehension, and see you next year to keep sharing the world together through our sketchbooks.
urban sketchers
chantal & jean-françois
locomotive 141R420
la mobymatic de tazab
jeroen & santi
lucas katja
alain delon


époqu'auto lyon

I'm back from the classic cars fair "époqu'auto" in lyon, france, where I was presenting my last book "carnet de bagnoles".
here are the cars that catche my attention:
volvo 1800ES
renault alpine
simca chambord
panhard CD
elva 1100
citroen SM
citroën DS safari
citroën DS 19
and the dudes that were signing there books next to me:
denis sire
christian papazoglakis


and the winners are…

louise pick up the name of the winners of the lapin-lottery.
congratulation to sarah f, yasmina gondard and helen leigh-phippard.
please, send me your address by mail.
and thanks to all the participants - I have some new books in process, so new lotteries are coming ;)
and the winners are…


new book "carnet de bagnoles" lottery

to celebrate this new edition it's time for the traditional "lapin-lottery"!
louise will pick up 3 names from the comments of this post, to win a dedicate copy.
« carnet de bagnoles » is a réédition by french publisher glénat of my « oldies but goldies ».
this collection of 102 pages of beautiful vintage cars is available in france and belgium in your favorite bookshop, and online.
and the winners are: sarah f, yasmina gondard and helen leigh-phippard.
congratulation girls!
lapin lottery



"negra y criminal"

last friday, I joined my friends sagar to visit the bookshop negra y criminal in la barceloneta, before it's definitive closure next 3rd of october.
I remember that I've passed in front of it a few times, but never get in until that day. I was missing one of the most peculiar place in town. I feel like at home listening to jazz and welcomed by paco, that invite us to drink some wine in the kitchen behind the shop.
I can't resist to buy a few thriller with gorgeous covers from the 50's.
from now, you have 2 weeks to keep enjoying "negra y criminal", don't miss it!
negra y criminal
negra y criminal


3 days in ouessant

à l'ouest de l'ouest: the western island of france.
le gisant
la maison de jean-jacques erwan le phare du créach
le phare du créach
arno arno janski beeeats l'angélus jean-jacques